Time don’t really exist, only geometry, space.  A 24 hour day is the rotation of the earth relative to the sun.  What we say many days is just a repetition of this  movement in spatial geometry.. time is only our way to count these movements in space ..hence one who is able to ‘transcend time’ or ‘travel in time’ is one who is able to move through space beyond the count of time..

Nature’s Infinite Jest

There are no free lunches for energy consuming countering tendency to entropy organisms evolved to propagate genes that prioritize kin & pooled resourced affiliates over strangers ..organic life is natgeo wild where empathy altruism is forever inherently genetically “selfish”. Welcome to nature’s infinite jest…

Al-Ghazali on Alternate Dimensions?

“Don’t you see that when you are asleep you believe certain things and imagine certain circumstances and believe they are fixed and lasting and entertain no doubts about that being their status? Then you wake up and know that all your imaginings and beliefs were groundless and unsubstantial. So while everything you believe through sensation or intellection in your waking state may be true in relation to that state, what assurance have you that you may not suddenly experience a state which would have the same relation to your waking state as the latter has to your dreaming, and your waking state would be dreaming in relation to that new and further state? If you found yourself in such a state, you would be sure that all your rational beliefs were unsubstantial fancies.”–Al-Ghazali (1058-1111).